Sai Kee 434 Muar Coffee comes to Melaka

With the striking yellow exterior, it's no surprise that the Sai Kee 434 Cafe caught my eye earlier on, even before it's official opening. Being a frequent visitor to the rustic city of Muar, some 50-odd kilometers to the South of Melaka, this famous coffee establishment is indeed well known to me. Though it has been quite a while since I was last there :

Situated opposite the Bukit Serindit Recreational Park, it's in a most strategic place to woo joggers and other park visitors just after their morning activity.

For some weeks, my family and I been driving past this place, only to find to our dismay, the shutters closed. Not having any visible sign to indicate their working hours, we were left wondering if they had already started operations, or were preparing for the opening ceremony. By pure chance, last Sunday, we found the shutters were open. Finally!

GPS Co-ordinates : 2.206171, 102.269129

We took to ourselves to drop by for some light drinks and food (given that we had just finished our lunch, and were heading home). Walking in, we found the place was packed with patrons. We were in luck, as after just a short wait, we managed to get a table to ourselves.

I found out from the staff working there that they were open every day, EXCEPT Saturday, from 8am to 6pm (last order at 5.30pm). This meant that dropping by after an evening jog at the park, or for dinner, was not possible. A little disappointed, but then at least now, I'm clear on their operating hours. Perhaps when business picks up, they'd consider extending their hours until 10pm (so people can drop by after office hours). [Update - 15 Jul 2017] Surprisingly, after today's Saturday morning run, found that Sai Kee 434 Coffee was open! A welcome adaptation by their management indeed.... :)

The Sai Kee 434 Coffee establishment was famous for it's Luwak / Civet Coffee, which you'd better read about online ( to understand more. Or perhaps, you should not read about it until AFTER you've had a taste.... :)

That's the premium stuff, which goes for ~RM25 per cup. Didn't get myself one, as I was quite full from lunch, so in the end settled for one of the more ordinary variants. Well, it was a short stop there, did not manage to do a proper write-up or take some interior photos. Perhaps some time soon...!

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