Business And Car Review Chevrolet Volt Dissected: Powertrain, Design, Chassis, as well as More (2016)


In the viii years since it was announced, the Chevrolet Volt has been a few unlike things. First, it was a concept at Detroit’s 2007 North American International Auto Show, presented equally Old GM’s technological Great Leap Forward. Then it became a political tool to larn New GM through its 2009 bankruptcy. And it has e'er been a sop to greenie-type sensibilities. In all those jobs, it has performed dutifully together with sold modestly—Chevy moved 19,000 Volts off lots terminal year—since hitting showrooms equally a 2011 model.
Now comes the second-generation Volt, promising to live on fifty-fifty to a greater extent than satisfying to movement than the surprisingly satisfying outset one. The 2016 Volt is refined, buffed up, together with smoothed over, merely it remains conceptually consistent with the original.


The outset Volt’s 84-hp, 1.4-liter, four-cylinder gas engine stood inwards contrast to the car’s high-tech credentials. It used an atomic divulge 26 block, required premium fuel, together with lacked leading-edge technologies such equally straight injection. The 1.5-liter is the outset of GM’s novel four-cylinder, direct-injection, aluminum-block engines inwards North America. Despite a compression ratio of 12.5:1 (compared with the 1.4’s 10.5:1), the 1.5 runs on regular gas together with makes 101 horsepower. And the powertrain is 100 pounds lighter than the outgoing car’s, useful considering that Volt drivers mostly prefer to motor electrically, carrying the engine equally dead weight.

GM's novel Ecotec small-engine household unit of measurement includes turbocharged together with naturally aspirated three- together with four-cylinders betwixt 1.0 together with 1.5 liters.
“There was speculation that the engine would live on smaller, get got fewer cylinders, or live on turbocharged,” Volt principal engineer Andrew Farah says. “What this truly comes downward to, with the novel higher-compression, direct-injection, larger-displacement engine, is that nosotros tin larn the same amount of ability at whatsoever signal nosotros desire with lower rpm. And lower rpm translates into lower noise.” And, no doubt, lower consumption.
True to the master recipe, the Volt however uses 2 electrical motors. But, according to Farah, “not a unmarried business office number” is mutual betwixt the first- together with second-gen Voltec powertrains. The first-gen auto used 1 large motor together with 1 little one, merely the novel car’s motors are closer inwards size together with portion the workload to a greater extent than evenly. Combined electrical ability stands pat at 149 horsepower, spell torque from the motors climbs 21 pound-feet to 294. Once the batteries are depleted, Farah says, “the most efficient affair to practise is to get got torque from the engine to the wheels. So nosotros volition truly practise that to a greater extent than often.” GM says the novel Volt volition larn 41 mpg on gas together with 102 MPGe on electricity, increases of 4 inwards both combined-driving metrics. The firm also says that the novel Volt volition live on quicker, getting from null to lx mph inwards 8.4 seconds, 0.4 bit fleeter than the terminal Volt nosotros tested.


Energy capacity is upward spell battery majority has dropped past times 31 pounds. The divulge of Compact Power lithium-ion cells inwards the T-shaped battery pack has dropped from 288 to 192, spell revised chemical scientific discipline helps release energy capacity grow from the outgoing car’s 17.1 kWh to 18.4. The pack enables a claimed all-electric attain of 50 miles.

The Volt's novel battery pack is lighter than the onetime one, with fewer cells together with a lower centre of gravity. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 total accuse on 120V volition get got close thirteen hours, spell 240V volition drib that fourth dimension to 4.5 hours.
Since most Volt owners favor electricity over gasoline, engineers focused on more-efficient ways of charging the battery pack. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 novel “Regen on Demand” characteristic allows the driver to engage regenerative braking using a paddle behind the steering wheel, a characteristic adopted from Cadillac’s $76,000 version of the terminal Volt, the ELR. In this mode, the motors to a greater extent than aggressively recycle release energy when the driver lifts off the accelerator, supplying plenty deceleration to plow the Volt into a “one-pedal” auto during normal commutes.
GPS location-based services volition optimize battery-charging conditions. When the auto knows it’s home, for example, it mightiness solely accuse when utility rates are at lower, off-peak rates.

Tires are low-rolling-resistance, all-season Michelin Energy Savers, size 215/50R-17.


Under its fresh sheetmetal, the Volt is however a fellow member of GM’s front-drive Delta II family, with the Buick Verano together with Chevy Cruze. That agency struts upward forepart together with a torsion beam nether the bring upward end. The trunk construction is stiffer than before, together with 1 meaning modify is that the forepart subframe cradle is no longer isolated past times agency of safe mounts. “You larn a much amend experience for the road,” Farah asserts close the solidly mounted cradle, “though you lot practise get got to worry close transmitted noise.” The wheelbase creeps upward past times 0.4 inch together with length past times 3.3 inches, spell the roof is 0.2 inch lower. Curb weight, the enemy of efficiency, is said to drib past times to a greater extent than than 200 pounds.


Rounder, pointier, together with to a greater extent than sculpted at the nose, the novel Volt looks similar a truthful cat with its rump inwards the air. It similar a shot makes the outset Volt seem prehistoric, merely it’s also less distinct from conventional cars.

Inside, the outset Volt’s Kenmore washer/dryer touchpad dash is gone, replaced past times dials, switches, together with knobs, together with more-conventional merely richer-looking finishes. Two eight-inch screens provide most of the information, spell bluish lighting is supposed to emphasize the electrical nature of the Volt. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of chrome accent reduce emphasizes that this is a GM design.
Chevy has managed to mash a tertiary spot betwixt the 2 outboard positions inwards the back. But it’s the Definition of “occasional use,” a pillion you’ll desire to rely on non to a greater extent than than 1 time a decade, when the gang at function wants to become to Denny’s for lunch. Make the guy who suggested Denny’s ride inwards the middle.



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