Volvo S40, V40, XC40 Addicted for 2018 Rollout

Volvo has addicted the propulsion of an all-new small-size 40-series display, which testament proceed months after the ordinal lodge Australian launching of its second-generation XC60 mid-size SUV.

These vehicles are endeavor of the Nordic car-maker's aspirant new-product rollout that testament see every message in its line-up replaced by the appeal of the decennium, as cured as the acquisition of first-time supporter lines.

This direction was kicked off two period ago by the seven-seat XC90 SUV, which introduced the associate's Climbable Product Structure (SPA).

Trey models love since been spun off this level, including the sociable XC60, S90 vast litter and V90 Hybridize Land off-road van - which quietly went on-sale locally two months ago.

Prototypical launched in 2010, the S60/V60 mid-size litter and van twins are ostensibly close in connector to take the SPA underpinnings and be superseded, but the new thick 40-series vehicles happen to have leapfrogged them to get a release prototypal.

Volvo Australia PR politico Greg Bosnich revealed that the archetypical of the new models - which gift interchange the incumbent V40 and V40 Interbreed Region hatchbacks - will lob as archaeozoic as the honours billet of 2018.

"The prototypal new 40-series car is predicted to go into creation in 2017 and, depending on verbatim timing, we will see the best 40-series object in Country few six months afterward," he said.

When Volvo unveiled the Construct 40.1 and 40.2 in May fashionable period, the lot provided a look into the program itinerary of its next heavy offerings.

The 40-series potentiality is believable to also countenance an XC40 elector and S40 sedan, as hinted at by the construct cars.

Different the aforementioned mid-size and colossal Volvo models, the 40-series will instead be manufactured on the new Thick Modular Architecture (CMA) - which gift be shared with vehicles from Volvo's Asiatic parent assort Geely.

Meanwhile, the voluminous V90 car appears increasingly outside to conjoin the line-up Dr. Low, despite its high-riding V90 Cross State relation feat on sale fresh.

Mr Bosnich was coy around its prospects when questioned, but suggested the Cover Region would be the author touristed measure if the V90 were to be oversubscribed here.

"Volvo has a tough acquisition with both the car and the Transversal Land variant, so depending on the timing of the V90 launching, the V90 Hybridize Country instrument initially feature the greater intensity."

This conclusion would not be odd assumption competitors Audi and Mercedes-Benz possess both opted against importing non-rugged versions of their A6 and E-Class wagons respectively.

Are you agitated to see what Volvo has in outlet with its next-generation small-size models?

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