Business And Car Review | 1908 American Underslung Roadsters

Another picture from the cashe of American Motor Car Company manufacturing flora photos, shows a 1908 40hp underslung roadster. I'm guessing the photograph was taken exterior the found on Meridian Street inwards Indianapolis as well as on the dorsum it states that this is the get 40hp underslung roadster. 

Check out where the gas tank is located! I wonder if the auto went into production that agency - earlier person realized how dangerous that could be.

Here's the 50hp underslung roadster - below.

Noted equally the get 50hp underslung roadster (1908), the gas tank is inwards the same position. You tin post away come across the divergence inwards the chase length betwixt the 2 photos. I'm guessing this powerfulness get got been taken somewhere inwards Indianapolis' Riverside park.

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