Business And Car Review | 1914 Packard Model 2-38 Runabout

The sporty Packard 2-38 Pheaton Runabout of 1914 (photo from the author's collection)

The 1914 model twelvemonth was a transitional ane for Packard. Having introduced their first six-cylinder motorcar alone ii years prior, Packard had at ane time standardized on the six-cylinder. However, they offered a dizzying array of chassis together with torso options. This car, seen inwards a menstruation postcard, is a 1914 Model 2-38 amongst a two-tone "phaeton runabout" torso - a really sporty offering. With an L-head, 38 horsepower engine, this motorcar is smaller inwards displacement than their model 48 of the same year. 1914 too brought a seat out of novel features to Packard, including left-hand displace together with a Delco electric starting system.

In May of 1915, Packard would innovate their landmark Twin-Six together with alter everything - the starting fourth dimension mass-produced V-12 engine. Additionally, Carl Fisher would stride the 1915 Indianapolis 500 inwards a Packard manufacturing works life particular built from a 1914 Model 2-38 runabout.

Today, at that topographic point are roughly 6 to 8 1914 Model 2-38 Packard's known to survive. Only ane of these is a runabout - the 1915 Indy stride car. If yous ain a 1914 Packard, yous have between the 141st together with 161st oldest Packard to survive. 

Factory ikon of a 1914 Packard Model 2-38 Pheaton Runabout (photo credit: Detroit Public Library, IMLS)


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