Business And Car Review | 2015 Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance

One of the slap-up pleasures of Monterey's classic auto calendar week is seeing the cars nether ability on the Tour d'Elegance. Honestly, at that spot are also many people together with also many cars to shot photos of everthing, simply here's a few that caught me eye.

Mercedes C-111

T.G. Mittler's Cunningham C2R

Rolls-Royce Ghost from the McGee Collection

Stutz Bearcat driven past times Wayne Carini

Mercedes from the Keller solid unit of measurement collection

Duesenberg Model J from the Yeaggy Collection

Ferrari 275 Competition from the Mozart Collection driven past times a friend (yes, I'm jealous)

1902 Thomas

Mercer from the Jack Rich Collection (driven past times John Rich)

One of the nicest Pope-Hartford's help this year

Rolls-Royce PII Newmarket Sedan


Astro-Damlier from the Nethercutt Collection

Spectacular T57 Bugatti

Isotta-Fraschini from the Patterson Collection

duPont race car

duPont Merrimac Sport Sedan owned past times the duPont family


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