Business And Car Review | 2016 Pebble Beach Brass Cars (Closed)

Monterey too the Pebble Beach Concours had much to offering enthusiasts this year, too at that topographic point was a large assortment of early on cars. In fact, Pebble Beach split upward the shape into "Open" too "Closed" cars - yous rarely run across unopen cars from this era. The next are roughly of the cars from the "Closed" class. Pat Craig's 1915 Piece-Arrow (with a ii decade former restoration) won the class.

1915 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 Coupe. Owned past times Pat Craig, this machine has had alone 3 owners from new.  [Photographed past times the Author]

1912 Packard Model xxx Four Brougham. Owned past times the Matthews Family, this machine is i of really few remaining Model 30's amongst unopen coachwork.  I had the pleasure of seeing this machine before inward the twelvemonth at the Pierce-Arrow Society effect in Northern California.  [Photographed past times the Author]
1911 Oldsmobile Limited Series 27 Clark Carriage Limousine. Owned past times The Nethercutt Collection, this machine was previously owned past times D. Cameron Peck too Otis Cahandler.  [Photographed past times the Author]

1913 ALCO Model Six Berline Limousine. Owned past times Crawford Auto Aviation Museum, this machine is i of few surviving ALCO's too fifty-fifty fewer Model Six's.  [Photographed past times the Author]

1912 Delaunay-Belleville La Carrosserie Industrielle Omnibus. Owned past times the Mullin Museum, this machine was built to demeanour the Russian Czar's guests betwixt palaces.  [Photographed past times the Author]


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