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It's Pebble Beach fourth dimension 1 time to a greater extent than as well as a await through the online auction catalogs shows that at that spot volition endure a few early on vehicles offered for sale. RM Sotheby's has alone 1 - a 1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat. 

The Oldsmobile companionship was founded inwards 1897, as well as past times 1904, Ransom E. Olds (the founder) had left the companionship that bore his name; divesting of his stock as well as starting REO. The Oldsmobile companionship became business office of General Motors inwards 1908 - it's flagship brand. 

In 1911 the Olds Autocrat (also known every bit the Series 28), was the largest 4-cylinder machine offered by Oldsmobile that year. Further, 1 of the largest cars offering anywhere due to its 38 inch wheels as well as 500 cubic inches of engine displacement. Oldsmobile had taken a large plow from producing smaller, to a greater extent than affordable cars to offering the Special (4-cylinder) at $3000, the Autocrat (4-cylinder) at $3500, as well as the LImited (6-cylinder) for $5000 inwards 1911.

The RM Sotheby's catalog notes that this machine was originally purchased by John Henry Greenway Albert, the benefactor of a wealth Maryland mining family. It's stated that Albert promptly went most modifying the novel car's coachwork past times installing a “boattailed” aluminum torso of his ain design... as well as thence he went racing.

1911 Olds Autocrat "Yellow Peril" - photograph credit: RM Sotheby's
Olds Autocrat competing inwards Chicago reliability tour - photograph credit: Motor Age November 2, 1911

1911 Olds Autocrat - photograph credit: from the author's collection


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