Business And Car Review | Unknown car - Can y'all solve the mystery?

Connecticut circa 1918 (from the collection of the author)

I don't commonly offering upward a mystery car, exactly inward this representative I'm stumped. I acquired this icon inward an antique shop a few months dorsum in addition to the auto is noted every bit a Buick (written inward pencil on the back). I'm fairly certainly it's non a Buick. The auto wears a 1918 Connecticut license plate, all the same the auto itself is before - in all probability 1911 or 1912. It appears to live on an American brand of mid-price range. The photograph is non the greatest, exactly yous tin click on it to enlarge.

The challenge is on. Please leave me a comment in addition to allow me know the twelvemonth in addition to make. 

UPDATE: Blog reader Ariejan Bos has suggested that this auto may live on a 1911 or 1912 Haynes. Great suggestion, Ariejan

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