Business And Car Review | 2014 Greenwich Concours - European Cars

The 2014 Greenwich Concours merely celebrated it's 19th twelvemonth this past times weekend together with Dad was at that spot to survey the event. Although Saturday's champaign of American cars was non every bit potent every bit Lord's Day filed of European cars, the termination was good attend both days. Here's a peak at a around of the fantastic European cars on hand:

How ofttimes practice y'all encounter 2 of the rare Castilian make, Pegaso at the same event? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lovely 1954 Pegaso Z 102 cabriolet past times Saoutchik together with a striking 1957 Pegaso Z 103 Berlinetta past times Touring.

1954 Pegaso Z 102 (from the author's collection)

1957 Pegaso Z 103 (from the author's collection)

The Pinin Farina designed Cristalia 202 SC (coupe). A much sought-after Alfa Romero GTZ together with an unusual Stanguellini - I believe this automobile is powered past times an 1100cc Fiat engine.

Alfa Romeo GTZ (from the author's collection)

Cristalia 202 SC (from the author's collection)

Stanguellini (from the author's collection)

Another rare make, the Minerva, had two representatives. Unfortunately, this Hibbard & Darin bodied towncar would non root upon larn out from its trailer.

Hibbard & Darin bodied Minerva (from the author's collection)

Among the many Ferraris were this lovely Ferrai Tour de French Republic together with the e'er pop Ferrari 250 California - this automobile appeared to live a largely master surviver.

Ferrari 250 California (from the author's collection)

Ferrari 250 Tour de French Republic (from the author's collection)


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