Business And Car Review | Best 31 Cars To Be Released In 2016 - Number half-dozen - 10

We are notwithstanding peeping into the future?In our final article nosotros saw cars number 1 - 5. In this article nosotros shall encounter cars number vi - 10. lets encounter the best 2016 has to offer.


6.   Bentley Grand Convertible


Price:               £300,000 (est)

On sale:           Early 2016

The Bentley Grand Convertible concept gives the build a legitimate competition to the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. It proved thence pop at its LA Motor Show debut that Bentley is said to conduct maintain decided at that topographic point together with and thence to arrive at it inward limited numbers. Powered past times a 530bhp twin-turbo V8, the Grand Convertible is based on the Mulsanne, yet re-engineered to accommodate the stuff roof.

7.   Ford GT


On sale:          like shooting fish in a barrel 2016

Pictures don't arrive at judge to some cars, together with the novel Ford GT is i of them. This stunning supercar is fix to plough over the build a legitimate Lamborghini Aventador competition - together with a to a greater extent than exclusive i at that, amongst production limited to but 250 models a year. Powered past times a mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost turbo engine amongst some 600bhp, the GT has been created for Ford to demonstrate the best of its engine, aero, stuff together with chassis tech that volition filter downward to its everyday cars. The interior includes a racing-style multifunction steering wheel, piece the musical instrument panel is fully digital together with customisable. Performance figures aren't confirmed, but aspect 0-62mph inward less than iii seconds together with a 200mph move past times speed. Buyers volition fifty-fifty live able to fettle the height-adjustable, race-derived pushrod suspension.

8.   Honda FCV

Honda FCV Concept front end side


Price:                   £25,000 (est)

On sale:               summertime 2016

Honda continues to plot its eco-friendly hereafter using hydrogen fuel cells, together with has confirmed that the FCV volition build production. It may live a concept, but it's really unopen to the four-door, five-seat theatre unit of measurement motorcar that volition supercede the FCX Clarity. It doesn't emit whatever CO2 every bit the 132bhp electrical motor is powered past times a tank of hydrogen, together with the drivetrain is proficient for a 240-mile range. Fuel infrastructure is notwithstanding an issue, although recent Government funding way that mightiness change.

9.    Infiniti QX30


Price:                  £25,000 (est)

On sale:              mid-2016

Hot on the heels of the BMW 1 Series-rivalling Infiniti Q30, the crossover version volition seem shortly to accept on the likes of the Mercedes GLA. Called QX30, it'll conduct maintain 192mm of solid soil clearance together with plastic cladding to boost its rugged credentials. Both Q30 together with QX30 volition sit down on Mercedes' novel MFA modular platform, which underpins the A-Class hatchback together with GLA pocket-sized crossover. The Infiniti volition too borrow 2.0-litre petrol together with 2.1-litre diesel fuel engines from Mercedes.

10.    Infiniti Q60


Price:                £40,000 (est)

On sale:            mid 2016

If it's to competition German linguistic communication premium brands, Infiniti knows it needs a mid-sized, four-seat, two-door coupe. And at January's Detroit Motor Show, the fellowship revealed it would build the Q60 to competition the BMW 4 Series, Mercedes C-Class Coupe, Audi A5 together with Lexus RC. Under the bonnet is an all-new twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6, piece the heavily criticised drive-by-wire steering reappears. There's too something called InTuition - a novel customisation arrangement that memorises in-car settings for upwards to 4 drivers, from the driving topographic point to the climate control.


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