Business And Car Review | Best 31 Cars To Be Released In 2016 - Number one - 5

Would you lot similar to own got a peep into the future? Then lets peep what cars the hereafter volition give us. It's ever hard for us to teach to know novel automobile models a long fourth dimension inward advance of their launch but cheers to motor present concept cars, insider information as well as our tenacious spy photographers we've managed to position together this listing of the best novel cars to endure sold sale inward 2016. Now lets peep..... Which of these would you lot similar to own got inward your garage?

Audi A4


Audi A4 2015 spy shots - nosePrice:                 £28,000 (est)

Date of sale:     restrain 2016

The A4 is ane of Audi's nitty-gritty models, but the electrical flow version is actually starting to experience its historic menses amongst much to a greater extent than modern rivals similar the Mercedes C-Class as well as Jaguar XE.

As our spy shot shows, the novel car volition play it prophylactic on the vogue front, although it'll teach criterion LED headlights - as well as focus mainly on improved cabin quality, refinement, tech as well as efficiency. Expect cues from the A6 within as well as class-leading boot space, summation Audi is laid to innovate a sub-100g/km 2.0-litre TDI to own got on the 99g/km XE.

Audi TT Sportback


Audi TT Sportback concept - frontPrice:                  £32,000 (est)

Date of sale:      2016 (est)

Audi has rolled out no less than iv TT-based concepts inward 2014, as well as the TT Sportback is the nearly intriguing of the lot. Essentially a five-door TT sitting on a stretched MQB platform, it previews a theater unit of measurement friendly four-seater TT with a boot – Audi claims it’s equally sporty to stimulate equally the coupĂ© as well as Roadster. It’s non certainly whether it volition endure position into production, though – other ideas for expanding the theater unit of measurement include a TT SUV, a rugged TT Shooting Brake as well as a track-focused ‘sport quattro’ model with a 400bhp-plus 2.0 TFSI engine. At to the lowest degree ane of these concepts is certainly to endure built equally Audi plans to expand from 50 split models today to lx yesteryear 2020.

Audi Prologue Avant


Audi Prologue Avant concept staticPrice:                  £35,000 (est)Date of sale:      belatedly 2016

Carrying loads could shortly teach a lot to a greater extent than interesting. The Prologue Avant Concept shows how an Audi estate focused to a greater extent than on vogue than outright infinite could look. H5N1 low, swooping roofline as well as hidden bring upwards door handles give it a coupe-like stance, fifty-fifty though it's longer than today's A6 Avant. When it starred at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the automobile combined a 358bhp 3.0-litre TDI diesel fuel engine as well as a 134bhp electrical motor, for a total of 461bhp. According to Audi, the concept would sprint from 0-62mph inward 5.1 seconds. The fellowship could feasibly plough the concept into a niche version of the A6: a large 'lifestyle' estate with iv seats as well as a large boot, using alone the to a greater extent than powerful engines inward the range. It could endure called A6 Sportback, as well as endure lined upwards equally a serious competition to Mercedes' CLS Shooting Brake.

Audi Q1


Audi Q1Price:               £20,000 (est)

On sale:           mid-2016 (est)

It's no surprise that Audi has in conclusion confirmed an entry-level Q1 crossover SUV. Designed to competition the Nissan Juke, the Q1 volition teach to a greater extent than infinite as well as added ride summit over the A1 supermini. Audi hopes the automobile volition attract novel buyers equally much equally it volition those looking for improved practicality, but purists volition struggle that it's merely merely about other niche automobile with fiddling real-world appeal. Built on the same platform equally the Audi A3, it volition topographic point iv as well as endure powered yesteryear the same engine hit equally the A1, important a sub-100g/km 1.6 TDI is on the cards.

Bentley Bentayga


Date of sale:      March 2016 (est)

Bentley won't create things yesteryear halves with its kickoff 4x4, the Bentayga. Our spies own got caught the Bentayga on test, as well as piece it'll part a platform with the Audi Q7, it'll endure built hither as well as aim to endure the nearly luxurious SUV ever, likewise equally a truthful off-roader - the cite is taken from a stone formation inward Gran Canaria. With a alternative of V8 as well as W12 petrol engines, it'll offering huge power, vast rider infinite as well as the kind of refinement that may fifty-fifty trump a Range Rover.

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