Business And Car Review | See The Rolls-Royce novel convertible version of Wraith coupe - Dawn cabrio 2016 - Price, Design And Amazing Pix

Rolls-Royce is laid to hitting the globe inwards 2016 alongside its novel convertible version of Wraith coupe, dubbed 'Dawn'. See all y'all require to know at i time nigh the novel Rolls-Royce Dawn cabrio - its price, pattern together with amazing pix.

It's a novel Dawn for Rolls-Royce, equally the create has released 2 teaser pictures of the novel machine - but they don't exhibit us much, only the nameplate together with an interior clock. Our spy snappers previously caught the novel Rolls-Royce Dawn cabrio on the road, though - together with therefore we've an sentiment of what it volition aspect like. The Rolls-Royce Dawn will perish the 6th fellow member of a rapidly-expanding Rolls-Royce hit that already includes the Phantom, Phantom Drophead Coupe, Phantom Coupe, Ghost together with Wraith.


Rolls CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes previously confirmed the historic advert for the 'Drophead' convertible version of the Wraith coupe, which volition perish along sale inwards the commencement quarter of 2016, priced close to £250,000. 

Why Its Called Dawn

When nosotros commencement learned a smaller convertible to sit down underneath the Phantom Drophead was planned, nosotros expected it to follow shape together with direct keep on the 'Wraith Drophead' nametag. But Rolls claims in that place is a argue behind the interruption inwards convention to the 'Dawn' name, together with it's buried deep inwards their car-building history earlier BMW's intervention over a decade ago.

Back inwards 1949 the Silver Dawn coupe was the commencement Rolls-Royce alongside a torso assembled inwards its Crewe factory. But bespoke coachbuilders hand-made only 28 exclusive 'Drophead' bodystyles for the create betwixt 1950 together with 1954, together with these cars were gifted the 'Dawn' nameplate.

Aside from the historic reference, Mueller-Oetvoes claims the advert represents "an awakening, together with opening upward of one's senses together with a outburst of sunshine". The cabrio is besides described equally "the most social of super-luxury motor cars for those beautiful people who want to bathe inwards the sunlight of the world’s social hotspots.”"

Our spyshots confirm the styling volition almost alone borrow from the Wraith coupe, alongside the same high, ascension shoulder job together with bluff front-end. The raise hinged, front-opening doors volition besides remain.

Similarities volition behave on nether the skin, alongside the same 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 producing 624bhp. Luxury touches, such equally the teak raise decking for the rooflid together with and cashmere-lined electrical hood, volition probable last carried over from its Phantom Drophead bigger brother.

What create y'all mean value of the selection of Dawn equally a advert for the latest Rolls-Royce convertible? Let us know inwards the comments department below...


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