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The 5 cylinder is back! In sunny Sultanate of Oman Audi gave us a outset gustation of the novel Audi RS3 Sedan in addition to RS3 Sportback. We took the RS3 Sedan, or Limousine, for a proficient spin through the stunning Omani mountains in addition to were quite impressed amongst the novel compact RS model.
The RS3 Sportback could live considered a facelift of the previous generation RS3 Sportback. The RS3 Sedan yet is a completely novel model that volition live sold globally starting amongst the outset client deliveries side past times side calendar month inward the United States.

Audi RS3 Sedan Specifications

Both portion Audi’s novel 2.5 liter TFSI 5 cylinder engine that produces 400hp in addition to 480Nm of torque. The famous Audi 5 cylinder engine has been rebuilt from the solid soil upward reducing its weight past times a staggering 26 kilograms. The sprint from 0-100 km/h is as impressive at but 4.1 seconds – that is as fast as the outset generation Audi R8 V10 Spyder!
The exceed speed is express to 250 km/h but tin live raised to 280 km/h. But the novel RS3 Sedan in addition to updated RS3 Sportback are non all close straight-line performance. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot has been done to ameliorate the treatment of the RS3 – the previous generation had a large style to understeer in addition to wasn’t the most dynamic sporty compact on the market.
With the novel generation RS3 the engineers at Audi made major changes to the quattro organisation in addition to the interruption setup. The quattro all-wheel travail organisation uses a novel multi-plate clutch specifically which tin distribute upward to 100% of the torque to the raise axle inward a separate second. Depending on the driving style in addition to travelling steal on the route the clutch tin mail the ability to the raise axle when turning inward to a corner. The number tin live felt immediately, the wishing to understeer is gone completely. In dynamic style or amongst ESP inward sport the RS3 is genuinely quite tail happy coming inward to the corner already – sure a groovy novel characteristic which nosotros didn’t hold off to discovery on the RS3 Sedan. With ESP inward sport it genuinely allows y'all to set downward around really decent drifts.

Suspension wise the Audi RS3 Sedan comes amongst the RS sport interruption which offers a 25mm lower ride pinnacle than the criterion A3. Comfort is less than inward a regular A3 but on the roads inward Sultanate of Oman it was never also stiff in addition to yet provided plenty rigidity to counter most of the trunk roll. For to a greater extent than flexibility in addition to fifty-fifty farther reduced trunk curl nether braking y'all tin club the optional RS sport interruption amongst adaptive damper control. This allows y'all to alter the damper settings betwixt a softer comfort style in addition to a stiffer dynamic style through the Audi Drive Select menu.
Talking close travail select; the organisation is really similar to the 1 available on other models. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 switch on the dashboard allows y'all to alter betwixt Comfort, Auto, Dynamic in addition to Individual. In individual, y'all tin laid your preferences for engine, sound, gearbox in addition to suspension.

Audi RS3 Sedan Sound

So the surgical physical care for improved, the treatment improved, what close the sound? The 5 cylinder provides a really unique audio rail thank y'all to the club inward which the cylinders are fired – 1 in addition to 2 thus iv in addition to 5 in addition to finally cylinder number 3. Sitting within the machine it does audio proficient but non extremely loud or monotone. At sure rev ranges it pops in addition to crackles a flake but non as extreme as other – audio engineered – models on the market. However, the instant y'all operate out of the machine in addition to heed to the RS3 Sedan roar nether amount charge everything changes.
Standing past times the side of the route I witnessed a few RS3s come upward past times in addition to man child did they audio good. It genuinely provides a amount bodied in addition to masculine audio rail in addition to best of all it is all natural. Audi offers ii dissimilar exhausts for the RS3; the criterion RS Exhaust in addition to an optional RS sport exhaust amongst dark oval tailpipes. Both stimulate got flaps that tin live adjusted through the MMI carte du jour or past times switching from comfort style to sport in addition to vice versa.

Audi RS3 Sedan Interior & Design

The Audi RS3 Sedan comes optionally amongst Audi Virtual Cockpit replacing the traditional speedometer in addition to rev counter. It gives the RS3 Sedan a really modern in addition to build clean interior feel. However, the materials used could live a niggling flake to a greater extent than exclusive (less plastics). The RS sport seats furnish proficient side back upward in addition to at that topographic point is plenty head- in addition to leg room for taller drivers similar myself. In fact, at that topographic point is agency to a greater extent than infinite than inward Audi Sport’s flagship R8 which genuinely makes driving the RS3 Sedan to a greater extent than enjoyable for me.

Another affair that caught my attending is the steering – it is really precise in addition to does non experience over-engineered similar the dynamic steering on many other Audi RS models. Sometimes less is more.
My examination machine came equipped amongst the Audi ceramic brakes at the front. Although they offering fantabulous stopping ability I’m non sure if it justifies the drawbacks in addition to extra coin over the criterion steel brakes. Unless y'all programme to stimulate got your RS3 Sedan on track, a lot, I wouldn’t become for ceramics.
Last but non to the lowest degree a few words close the design. The RS3 Sedan has a really stiff appeal – the proportions, the aggressive lines in addition to its stance are precisely what I’m looking for inward a sporty limousine. The RS3 Sportback is dainty also but is nowhere close as sexy inward my opinion.


Overall the Audi RS3 Sedan is a groovy looking sporty limousine amongst surgical physical care for in addition to treatment to match. In comparing to the lastly RS3 Sportback it has undergone a major transformation, it to a greater extent than mature in addition to fun than ever.

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