ACURA Sport Car | Big Motor It Discounts Up To 100 Million

Only valid throughout IIMS 2017

Premier every bit authorized distributor for MotoGuzzi construct in addition to Aprilia follow Republic of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2017 alongside real attractive offering during IIMS. No half-hearted, the advertisement of this nominal discount to achieve tens of millions of rupiah!

Call it Motoguzzi type V7 II Racer engine alongside a capacity of 750 cc, the normal cost on-the route is Rp 480 million, merely during IIMS 2017 took place, the cost dropped to Rp 425 million. Similarly, for type V9 Roamer which has a normal cost on-the route Rp 570 million, during IIMS 2017 the cost is cutting to Rp 515 million.

Even then alongside the Bobber V9 type that the normal cost for on-the route is Rp 595 million, merely during the largest automotive exhibition inwards Indonesia, IIMS 2017 held, the cost dropped to Rp 535 million.

What is surprising is the Motoguzzi Type California Touring SE 1400 engine capacity of 1400 cc, from the normal cost of USD 812 1000000 on-the road, every bit long every bit IIMS 2017 takes house to Rp 715 million! And lastly, for Audace type the normal cost is 765 1000000 during iims 715 million.

Big discounts also laissez passer on inwards the Aprilia construct alongside RSV4 RR type, which supplies entirely two units units inwards Indonesia. "Big bicycle that has a normal cost of Rp 807 million, during the exhibition IIMS 2017 held the cost to Rp 715 million," said Tommy Setiawan, Premier Marketing Consultant.

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