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The Renault Koleos is the newest entrant inwards the fiercely fought mid-to-large SUV segment that includes the Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail, Kia Sorento as well as Skoda Kodiaq.
Completing Renault’s crossover range, which also includes the Captur as well as Kadjar, the Koleos is inwards number the French giant’s flagship car. As such, it’s offered inwards simply 2 top spec trim back levels – Dynamique south as well as Signature.
It may portion a get upwardly amongst a previous unloved Renault SUV that was publish of its misery inwards 2010, but thankfully the novel Koleos has a lot to a greater extent than going for it.

Big as well as handsome (it’s almost the same size equally the novel Skoda Kodiaq), it shares plenty of blueprint features amongst its Renault siblings, including signature C-shaped LED daytime running lights at the front end as well as horizontally-integrated tail DRLS.
There’s no dubiety that the Koleos has route presence cheers to its size, sculpted lines, muscular haunches as well as twin exhausts. It’s also good proportioned for an SUV, amongst relatively brusque overhangs.
Step within as well as it’s clear that Renault is continuing its force upmarket because it’s good built amongst plenty of soft-touch as well as durable plastics, satin-finish chrome inserts, leather as well as comfortable seats.
Meanwhile, the dashboard as well as centre console bring a similar aspect to Renault’s other recent cars amongst a decent-sized portrait touchscreen (7 or 8.7 inches depending on spec) as well as 7-inch TFT digital speedo.
Staying amongst technology, driver assistance systems include automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, lane divergence warning, Over-speed Prevention amongst Traffic Sign Recognition as well as Hill Start Assist. H5N1 bring upwardly parking photographic tv camera amongst front end as well as bring upwardly parking sensors is also included across the range.
Safety features include ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ESC (Electronic Stability Control) amongst traction as well as understeer control, cruise control, speed limiter, half dozen airbags, side touching protection bars as well as ISOFIX child-seat mounting points on the 2 outer bring upwardly seats.
Rear passengers also create goodness from the option of heated seats, spell upwardly front end there’s a spot cooling command too, then no to a greater extent than sweaty backs on hot days!
Sit inwards the dorsum as well as the Koleos has the experience of a large saloon, amongst loads of legroom, plenty caput infinite for all but the tallest adults as well as plenty of lite cheers to a panoramic sunroof.
Naturally, the kicking is a generous, but non class-leading 458 litres (1,690 litres amongst the bring upwardly seats folded) as well as at that spot are plenty of storage spaces.
And a tertiary row of seats similar the Kodiaq as well as Sorento? Well no, because Renault says the Koleos was designed from the foremost equally a five-seater. That’s non to tell that Renault doesn’t cater for customers wanting 7 seats – aspect no farther than the novel Grand Scenic.
Seating is non the exclusively expanse that sets the Koleos apart from the opposition. It is exclusively available amongst diesel fuel engines – a 1.6-litre dCi 130 or 2.0-litre dCi 175.
The larger-engined version of the Koleos also comes amongst ALL MODE 4×4-i four-wheel drive, giving yous the powerfulness to demand your driving trend – Auto, Lock or 2WD.

I tested the 2.0-litre turbo diesel fuel mated amongst Renault’s novel X-Tronic automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT).
Capable of upwardly to 47.9mpg, a 0-62mph fourth dimension of 9.5 seconds as well as a top speed of 125mph, CO2 emissions are a reasonable 156g/km (the manual version is slightly to a greater extent than economical amongst lower emissions), then await real-world fuel economic scheme to live nearer 40mpg.
Now I’m no fan of CVT transmissions, which tend to live a live wayward inwards my experience, but Renault deserves abide by for the X-Tronic which cleverly simulates gear shifts, making the driving experience much to a greater extent than pleasurable.

Indeed, the Koleos is a relaxed cruiser which feels faster than the figures suggest. With a commanding driving position, it’s clearly designed to a greater extent than for comfort than dynamism.
However, it’s non perfect – route dissonance is apparent, specially on rougher surfaces, spell the interruption doesn’t soak upwardly bumps quite then good at lower speeds.
Keener drivers may also observe the treatment a trivial disappointing because the downside of that soft ride is a flake of trunk ringlet on to a greater extent than challenging roads.

On the summation side – dissimilar the Kodiaq – it doesn’t experience quite then large on the road.
I tried a flake of soft-roading too, as well as spell it’s non marketed equally a hardcore 4×4, it does bring around all-terrain ability. Despite the lack of Hill Descent Control, it managed good as well as at that spot was a noticeable difference inwards receive betwixt 2WD as well as 4WD.
So fifty-fifty though the Koleos is unlikely to live used seriously off-road, it is suitably rugged as well as should give peace of hear inwards to a greater extent than extreme weather condition conditions.

Priced from £27,500-£34,200, the Koleos is blessed amongst a four-year warranty (like all Renaults), though its lack of 7 seats as well as petrol engine option mightiness set a few buyers off.

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