ACURA Sport Car | Serpentine Belt Repair & Maintenance

You know that long belt that snakes roughly the front end of your engine? It's called the serpentine belt. The belt's driven past times the engine equally it turns. It powers your alternator, AC compressor, as well as ability steering pump. On some vehicles it also runs the H2O pump, radiator fan, as well as ability brakes. Sounds similar a lot of of import materials doesn't it?
If your serpentine belt were to break, your battery would conk inwards a few miles. If it runs your fan or H2O pump, your engine could overheat. And steering as well as braking could hold upward to a greater extent than difficult. Obviously, the best affair is to supervene upon your serpentine belt earlier it breaks.
Check your owner's manual for when it's recommended to supervene upon your serpentine belt – or simply enquire your service advisor. He tin inspect the belt equally good to run across if it's inwards trouble. You may accept been told to facial expression for cracks inwards your belt to run across if it needs to hold upward replaced. Of course, cracks are notwithstanding a concern, but modern belt cloth doesn't fissure equally oft equally onetime belts did. What nosotros facial expression for these days is the thickness of the belt. We accept a especial niggling tool that measures the depth of the grooves inwards the belt to run across if it needs replacing.
A worn belt tin sideslip or hold upward misaligned, putting undue stress on the accessories it runs.
Now y'all tin imagine it's of import for the belt to hold upward tight, as well as thus there's a tensioner pulley on your engine that puts clit per unit of measurement area on the belt to continue it at the correct tension. The boundary on the tensioner wears out over fourth dimension as well as thus nosotros recommend replacing the tensioner pulley at the same fourth dimension equally the serpentine belt.
Replacing your serpentine belt on schedule, or when an inspection warrants it, volition continue y'all from an unexpected breakdown.

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