ACURA Sport Car | Shown At GIIAS, GT Radial Supports Garuda X Gymkhana Convoy

GT Radial supports the convoy that ends amongst a Garuda Bird-shaped automobile configuration

Serpong - Not alone acquaint every bit a player at GAIKINDO Republic of Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), 25th GT Radial also supports Garuda X Gymkhana convoy. The convoy ended amongst a Garuda bird-shaped configuration.

Garuda Bird Configuration inwards add-on to signifying the symbol of the Republic of Indonesia, became a unifying multifariousness amid the automobile community. Car community consisting of diverse automobile too color fix also agreed to convene non alone to enliven GIIAS to 25. But also realize the spirit of independence of the country.

Moreover, the multifariousness of automobile communities inwards the reason is a reflection of Bhineka Tunggal Ika. His run reflects the spirit of a immature human who speaks i Indonesia, namely Merdeka!

The termination that was held exactly on the solar daytime of the 72nd Independence of RI, on Thursday, August 17, 2017, exactly at 07.00 pm too took the place of the convoy from The Breeze to the parking expanse Froggy past times passing the front end of the ICE building.

"In GIIAS 2017, inwards add-on to beingness an exhibitor, GT Radial also fully supports i of the articulation activities of several communities that coincide on the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, an activity called Garuda Formation every bit a shape of appreciation too back upwards to our dearest country. As nosotros know that GT Radial is a tire produced past times the nation's children who convey been worldwide too every bit a shape of our love, nosotros back upwards the Garuda formation event. We give cheers the organizers every bit good every bit the Toyota Team Republic of Indonesia who helped enliven the event, "said Leonard Gozali every bit Corporate Brand Manager (Domestic too ASEAN) PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk to the media, Fri (18/8).

The presence of Gymkhana activity from drift racer Regi Fiandisa, who acted every bit beau community convoys made this termination popular off to a greater extent than colorful. The termination was called "Garuda X Gymkhana Convoy", too was followed past times 483 cars from l communities too the termination was also attended past times Mr. Komjen Pol (Ret.) Drs. Nanan Soekarna every bit the erstwhile deputy police delineate chief who is also active inwards the automotive basis homeland.

In addition, the termination also continued amongst slalom coaching given past times Anjasara Wahyu too Alinka Hardianti from Toyota Team Indonesia, the termination unopen amongst slalom contest from several representatives from the community inwards attendance.

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