BITCOIN BUSSINESS Did Earn Free Bitcoins And GOXKEYGEN Stop Working? (2 updates)

During the final yoke of days I haven't been able to larn my daily dose of gratis bitcoins at the websites Earn Free Bitcoins in addition to GOXKEYGEN. Are yous having a similar problem? I wouldn't similar to add together these sites to my listing of places that don't laissez passer on out gratis bitcoins anymore...

Will they endure dorsum soon?

I accept contacted the administrators of Earn Free Bitcoins to inform them of this issue. I don't know how to contact the possessor of the GOXKEYGEN site... It powerfulness accept been hacked. Update 1, 26/02/2013: The admin of Earn Free Bitcoins says he's got a lack of advertisers at the moment, exactly that this volition alter soon. Stay tuned! Update 2, 27/02/2013: Earn Free Bitcoins plant again!

Meanwhile at that spot are a lot to a greater extent than sites where yous tin growth your bitcoin residuum for free! Check these out:

(Sorry, exactly today was a busy hateful solar daytime for me in addition to I couldn't write whatsoever reviews :-P)

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