BITCOIN BUSSINESS Get Satoshis For Chatting At CoinVisitor (1 update)

After CoinAd, there's straightaway some other site where y'all tin mail away earn bitcoins every bit y'all chat amongst other people! After existence downwards for a duo of days, free bitcoins daily for visiting websites, free bitcoins in i lawsuit for liking/tweeting them) straightaway adds this prissy characteristic to their chat. I'll say y'all the steps y'all must conduct keep to participate in addition to earn here!:

How To Proceed

  • Go to the CoinVisitor Chat page.
  • You'll live on given past times default a user cite composed past times half-dozen numbers (such every bit "273645"). Change your nickname amongst the ascendance "/nick YOURNICKNAME":

I'll live on "BTCM"!

  • Now register amongst the nickname you've chosen in addition to a password amongst the ascendance "/regist YOURPASSWORD":

This is non BTCM's password :-P

  • Now Logout in addition to and then Login amongst the user in addition to password y'all chose:

Press this button...

And login amongst your user in addition to password!

  • Now railroad train the bitcoin address where you'd similar to have the satoshis y'all instruct amongst the ascendance "/setbitcoin YOURBITCOINADDRESS":

This IS i of BTCM's many bitcoin addresses.
Feel gratis to mail some satoshis there! :-P

  • And that's it! Now chat amongst the repose of people. I'm non certain of the rules that the organisation follows to vantage you, but it seems you've got a 33% jeopardy to have bitcoins for a message. You instruct 6 satoshis (0.06µ฿) every fourth dimension this happens.

Prize get! It seems the ChatBot approves of what I said! :-)

  • If y'all desire to know how many bitcoins you've accumulated later on some chatting time, piece of occupation the ascendance "/balance":

$24 inwards the yr 2050...

  • To withdraw your earnings, piece of occupation the ascendance "/withdraw":


  • That's all y'all withdraw to know! You'll have your earnings inwards 24 hours, only every bit the ones y'all instruct from visiting sites at CoinVisitor.

Opportunity Review:

  • Expected profit: 1/5. Since I don't know the rules for getting a vantage I'm non sure. But past times sending 3 messages per infinitesimal you'll instruct around 3.60µ฿ per hour. Or almost 100µ฿ per day. Very little...
  • Convenience: 5/5. Anybody tin mail away chat! The chat commands let y'all to chop-chop hit out your earnings too.
  • Payment speed: 2/5. You'll have your satoshis inwards a hateful solar daytime or less.
  • Risk: 1/5. Since getting the half-dozen satoshis seems similar a random event, y'all may never instruct the prize if y'all are extremely unlucky!
  • Final Score: 6/10. It's prissy to run across novel ways to earn gratis bitcoins appearing. This CoinVisitor Chat industrial plant pretty good but its vantage is thence depression that it volition conduct keep y'all a lot of fourth dimension to instruct a meaning sum of microbitcoins. Please heighten the prize amount, Mr. CoinVisitor Admin! :-) Update 1, 07/04/2013: The vantage has been risen! :-D

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