BITCOIN BUSSINESS Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Quick Goodie From CoinVisitor (1 update)

Today I'll say you lot a fast means to earn a skilful sum of bitcoins for free. We already know CoinVisitor. They grade you lot gratis bitcoins for visiting websites. And instantly if you lot Like CoinVisitor as well as post a tweet to CoinVisitor they'll vantage you lot too!

A prissy vantage awaits you!

How To Proceed

  • You volition postulate a Facebook work organisation human relationship as well as a Twitter work organisation human relationship to create this, as well as hence if you lot haven't joined these social networks yet, register now!
  • Create a novel bitcoin address to assure yourself that BTC For Me. Or the 1 you lot created to surf webs at CoinVisitor! You decide.
  • Log into Facebook. Go to ConVisitor's Facebook page as well as Like them. Post a message on their wall amongst your bitcoin address.

The Facebook page of CoinVisitor

  • Log into Twitter. Send them a tweet amongst your bitcoin address as well as hold off until you lot larn a sugariness goodie on your wallet! :-) Update 1, 03/03/2013: Send a tweet to @coinvisitor, non to @BitcoinMaster!

Oh, let's see...


Opportunity Review:

  • Expected profit: 5/5. 2500ยต฿. Once. Awesome!
  • Convenience: 4/5. Tweet them, Like them as well as wait. Fast if you lot already are registered on the primary social networks of the Internet.
  • Payment speed: 3/5. In a few hours you'll accept 1/400 to a greater extent than bitcoins to hoard.
  • Risk: 0/5. None. The bitcoins are free.
  • Final Score: 9/10. Don't skip this opportunity. There's no other means to larn as well as hence many gratis bitcoins inward as well as hence picayune time!

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