BITCOIN BUSSINESS Site Review: CoinAd (8 updates)

Update 5, 04/03/2013: For the final 24 hours CoinAd has been inaccessible. It seems they convey been hacked. I've sent @coinad a tweet to confirm this.

Update 6, 04/03/2013: Ten hours convey passed together with instantly it's back. Nobody knows what happened.

Update 7, 05/03/2013: It's broken again. I'll consider it fixed afterwards it's upwardly during 3 days inwards a row.

Another website real much similar Daily Bitcoins is CoinAd:

How It Works:

  • CoinAd gives you lot costless bitcoins afterwards you lot input your Bitcoin address together with solve a verbal captcha.
  • You'll have 50 40 20µ฿ every fourth dimension you lot exercise this. Exactly equally inwards the Daily Bitcoins web, there's a gamble that you lot may teach a higher amount of bitcoins (a prize) inwards instance you lot refresh the page on 1 of the times of the twenty-four hr menstruum when a prize is scheduled to appear. Check the Coming prizes link (there are far less prizes scheduled than on Daily Bitcoins, though). Update 4, 01/03/2013: Reward reduced to 40µ฿. Update 8, 08/03/2013: Reward reduced to 20µ฿. Reduce yesteryear one-half the adjacent amounts you lot meet on this review.
  • You tin give the sack exercise this in 1 lawsuit per hour. This way, you lot tin give the sack reasonably expression to teach a quantity of around 800 640µ฿ per twenty-four hr menstruum (excluding whatever prizes you lot are awarded). Or 1200 960µ฿, if you lot determine non to sleep.
  • Your payments are ever delayed. Once per day, all your aggregated bitcoins are sent to you, simply you lot can't command when. Update 3, 19/02/2013: Now you lot tin give the sack determine whether you'd similar to delay your payments or not.
  • It's also possible to consummate offers for bitcoins on this page if you lot exercise an account. You tin give the sack teach BitPoints for installing programs, completing surveys together with subscribing to services. When you lot accomplish yard BitPoints you lot tin give the sack together with therefore merchandise them off for 50m฿ (which equals 50,000µ฿!).
  • For to a greater extent than data read their FAQ.

Write Bitcoin address, solve captcha, press Go!

Best Strategy:

  • Get a Timer App on your telephone together with bookmark on your mobile phone's browser (or whatever other).
  • Create a novel Bitcoin address alone to have bitcoins from this website. This agency you lot tin give the sack assure yourself that they are truly paying you.
  • Make an concern human relationship on CoinAd therefore equally you lot tin give the sack salve your Bitcoin address together with you lot won't remove to innovate it every fourth dimension you lot see the page on the text field.
  • Don't travail to struggle for prizes. They are also hard to get. You'll teach frustrated together with lose a lot of fourth dimension trying to teach one.
  • Visit the site, solve the verbal captcha together with teach your kickoff 50 40µ฿ when you lot teach up. Set your timer to 1 hr together with allow the countdown begin.
  • When your telephone tells you lot the countdown has reached zero, teach to the CoinAd page, solve the captcha together with press on "Go". Set your timer to 1 hr together with initiate the countdown.
  • Repeat the previous pace throughout the day.
  • It's real convenient to purpose the same timer for both the CoinAd together with Daily Bitcoins webs.

It seems they execute your payments at 00:00 GMT...

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: 5/5 4/5 2/5. You'll teach virtually 800 640µ฿ per day. Prizes tin give the sack dramatically increase this amount simply are extremely hard to get. Update 4, 01/03/2013: Reward reduced = score reduced. Update 8, 08/03/2013: Reward reduced to 20µ฿.
  • Convenience: 4/5. The captcha is made of letters, together with sometimes it's pretty hard to meet them correctly. There's no push to teach a dissimilar captcha, therefore my advice is that you lot refresh the page if you lot can't read it good enough. On the other side, beingness able to salve your Bitcoin address is overnice together with saves a lot of time.
  • Payment speed: 1/5. You'll have all the bitcoins you lot earn on this site in 1 lawsuit each day, simply you lot can't command the instant at all.
  • Risk: 0/5. None. It's a website that gives you lot bitcoins for free.
  • Final Score: 9/10 8/10 9/10 8,5/10 7,5/10. Just equally on Daily Bitcoins, CoinAd is 1 of the best webs to teach your kickoff bitcoins for free, tardily simply steadily. And almost hassle-free. Update 1, 10/02/2013: I'm taking a betoken off because sometimes the site doesn't run or the captcha server doesn't respond, which is real frustrating! Update 2, 17/02/2013: I'm giving the betoken dorsum because it's been working good for the final days. Update 4, 01/03/2013: Half a betoken less for reducing the vantage per hour. Update 8, 08/03/2013: Reward reduced to 20µ฿. One betoken less.

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