BITCOIN BUSSINESS Site Review: Free BTC PT (2 updates)

This is a site that I constitute yesteryear chance, since it doesn't advertise itself anywhere. And it's also the i that tin potentionally give yous the largest amount of bitcoins every day. I telephone band it "Free BTC PT":

Let's clear something out first: I consider that a spider web gives out gratis bitcoins when it's a bitcoin faucet or when it asks yous to do real uncomplicated tasks which require real footling fourth dimension to do. If the tasks require some considerable time, I won't consider the bitcoins are gratis anymore, since yous are truly working to larn them. Free BTC PT lets yous direct what type of site it is: yous tin remain the whole 24-hour interval at that spot watching videos, completing offers in addition to solving captchas or yous tin see a duad of times a 24-hour interval in addition to do a duad of each every time. I personally move out the site opened upward on a tab of my browser in addition to sometimes banking concern check to encounter if at that spot are videos to watch.

How It Works:

  • Free BTC PT gives yous 4 unlike ways to earn bitcoins later on registering an account: watching videos, solving captchas, completing offers or only visiting the site every hour.
  • If yous determine yous desire to sentinel videos, become to the Watching Videos department of the web. Wait until some videos seem in addition to sentinel them until they are over to earn 150.01µ฿. About 20% of the videos do non give yous a vantage for watching them though... Update 1, 08/010/2017: Now it's 100µ฿ for nearly one-half of the videos yous watch. They update the vantage every bit Bitcoin increases its value inwards the market. Update 2, 27/11/2017: Now it's 25µ฿ per video.

It industrial plant amongst Virool, exactly every bit CoinTube, but hither they truly pay you

  • If yous desire to solve captchas, become to Captcha Madness!. They'll give yous i captcha, which could hold out verbal, an picture or a description of a brand. Solve it to earn 1µ฿. Request a novel captcha on the page that loads later on yous submit your solution in addition to repeat the process. There seems to hold out an endless amount of captchas for yous to solve, then yous may do this until yous larn mad!

Solve the captcha...

... Request some other captcha in addition to larn mad every bit yous earn microbitcoins!

  • If yous desire to consummate offers, become to Satoshi's Millions!. Here's where yous tin earn the most bitcoins for doing stuff, but I recommend yous forget nearly these offers entirely. Most of them build yous download viruses or annoying adware or build yous subscribe to a service which costs yous to a greater extent than than the value of the bitcoins yous have for doing so.

No affair how tempting they are, forget the offers

  • If yous move out the website opened upward on your browser, it volition give yous 10µ฿ per hour. Update 2, 24/11/2017: Now it's 5µ฿. Here yous tin encounter several of these payments on my Account Activity Log:

I haz Bitcoinz. Meow!

  • If yous desire to take away your balance, become to their Withdrawal Center. You must get got made at to the lowest degree 2500µ฿ to hold out able to withdraw. Update 2, 24/11/2017: Now it's 500µ฿:

You should larn the minimum to take away inwards a duad of days

Best Strategy:

  • Create a novel Bitcoin address only to have bitcoins from Free BTC PT. This way yous tin assure yourself that they are truly paying you.
  • Visit the site, do an concern human relationship in addition to move out it opened upward forever. You'll earn 240 120µ฿ per 24-hour interval this way.
  • If at that spot are videos to watch, do so. You'll larn paid when you've watched them until the terminal second. Some days at that spot are a ton of videos in addition to others at that spot are real few to watch. That depends on how many advertisers Virool has.
  • If yous experience similar solving captchas, become in addition to do it. I personally only do this when I'm truly tired; it's an slowly chore that yous tin do without thinking in addition to that sometimes wakes yous up. Solve them inwards ii tabs at the same fourth dimension then every bit yous don't get got to lose the fourth dimension the pages accept to load. I tin solve vi captchas per infinitesimal this way. This way I could earn upward to 8640µ฿ per 24-hour interval this way. And destination upward mad inwards the way!
  • Don't consummate offers. The terms they powerfulness crusade to your estimator is non worthy of the bitcoins you'll larn for doing so.
  • Request a payment i time a 24-hour interval or when yous plough over 2500500µ฿. It's non practiced to move out unclaimed rewards sitting on the databases of websites yous don't command untouched for every bit good long. You only get got to give them your bitcoin address once; they'll recollect it for hereafter withdrawals.

These iii days I was away from keyboard roughly 8 hours inwards total. I needed some sleep...

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: 5/5 4/5 3/5. Around 5000µ฿ per 24-hour interval if at that spot are many videos to watch. Around 1000µ฿ otherwise. There's virtually no boundary hither though! Update 1, 08/11/2017: These numbers depend heavily on the videos that vantage yous for watching them. I gauge they withal tin hold out achieved, but amongst the reduction to 100µ฿ per video it's to a greater extent than hard than before. Update 2, 24/11/2017: The numbers cash inwards one's chips along going downwards every bit the cost of Bitcoin goes up.
  • Convenience: 3/5. The website has a weird design, but it industrial plant real well. It also has every bit good many ads everywhere.
  • Payment speed: 2/5. You'll have your payment inside 24 hours later on yous asking one.
  • Risk: 0/5. It's a website that gives yous gratis bitcoins... Or that lets yous earn bitcoins yesteryear doing uncomplicated tasks.
  • Final Score: 7,5/10. Free BTC PT lets yous earn a lot of bitcoins every day. More than inwards whatever other site I've stumbled upon. There's many factors that determine the amount yous destination upward getting each day, then yous should banking concern check it out in addition to determine yourself whether it's worth your time.

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