BITCOIN BUSSINESS Site Review: AmazonBitcoins (2 updates)

Do yous purchase at Amazon? Would yous similar to purchase their materials using Bitcoins? Now it's possible, thank yous to a novel Bitcoin service which launched yesterday: AmazonBitcoins!

My Experience With AmazonBitcoins

One of the administrators from AmazonBitcoins contacted me i calendar week agone to come across if I could review their novel website. I accepted, equally long equally they sent me the necessary Bitcoins to examination their service. I'm glad they trusted a crazy guy similar me who calls himself "" as well as sent some coins (Update 2, 25/02/2013) 0.9฿ my way! I'll say yous my sense using their service.

The outset affair you'll come across when yous see AmazonBitcoins is that the website is actually build clean as well as uncluttered; there's exclusively the necessary sum of text needed to know what the site does as well as how it does it. It almost looks similar an iPhone app within your browser amongst that large "Get Started" blueish button. If yous press said push it volition present yous a dialog to register a novel account:

Simple as well as infomative

When yous innovate your information inwards the text fields as well as press the "Register" blueish push you'll survive given a personal AmazonBitcoins Bitcoin address to ship the coins you'd similar to telephone commutation for Amazon gift cards. You may ship equally fiddling equally $1 (converted to bitcoins) to endeavor out the service:

The "Copy to Clipboard" selection is a overnice detail

I sent them the 0.888฿ needed to purchase a $25 Amazon gift card. Every fourth dimension yous see the site this telephone commutation prize is recalculated taking equally a reference the i at Mt.Gox:

Transaction sent!

And inwards seconds I received this rattling professionally written email:

0.888฿ = $25.15? I approximate the bitcoin telephone commutation versus the dollar went
up patch I was using this service!

After that, I exclusively had to hold off xiii minutes to have my Amazon code on my inbox:


The service is actually fast! Once yous ship them Bitcoins a novel link volition appear at the hap of the AmazonBitcoins page amongst your companionship history. It volition present yous the condition of your orders as well as the gift codes i time they are processed:

This is my companionship history...

... And this is a sample companionship history where yous tin come across ii orders:
one pending as well as or as well as thus other complete

They too had a Live Chat where I had the run a jeopardy to chat amongst Brian, i of the creators of the site! This is a bully add-on inwards illustration yous get got questions nearly the service. Brian is rattling helpful as well as overnice equally well:

Update 1, 25/02/2013: The Amazon gift code I received was redeemed past times the AmazonBitcoins administrators, non past times me.

Site Review:

  • Service quality: 5/5. The website is build clean as well as zen-like, the registration procedure is hassle-free as well as the information they laissez passer covers everything yous demand to know nearly the service. They've too got a FAQ.
  • Convenience: 5/5. This is a bully service for those who'd similar to purchase materials from the Old World (where Bitcoin has non withal been widely adopted past times every business). And specially for those who don't desire to become through the procedure of registering on a marketplace telephone commutation (or can't [I'm looking at yous Residence Certificate!]) to transform their Bitcoins into other currency. 
  • Service speed: 4/5. The service is fast. It's non automatic, since they get got to hold off for or as well as thus confirmations of your transaction to avoid the bad people who double pass their bitcoins. They are planning to allow customers amongst a proficient payment history skip this waiting fourth dimension as well as have their gift codes equally fast equally possible.
  • Risk: 0/5 1/5. None. The administrators are good, trustful people. Their service industrial plant rattling good as well as if yous get got questions yous tin contact them via Live Chat or email. Update 2, 25/02/2013: Read the comments.
  • Final Score: 10/10. AmazonBitcoins industrial plant similar a charm. You tin instantly purchase materials at Amazon amongst your bitcoins faster than if yous become through a marketplace telephone commutation to transform them into dollars or other Old World Currency. It's a service I'd recommend to anyone!

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