Continuing amongst our serial of websites that laissez passer on y'all gratuitous bitcoins nosotros get got today a spider web which, simply similar BitVisitor, sends y'all bitcoins after y'all see (a lot of) websites: BitCoin4YOU!

How It Works:

  • BitCoin4YOU gives y'all gratuitous bitcoins after y'all input your Bitcoin address, solve a verbal captcha, banking concern check out a website during 3 minutes too click on a greenish push amongst an arrow.
  • Around 70µ฿ volition hold out added to an concern human relationship attached to your Bitcoin address every fourth dimension y'all create this.
  • When the countdown of 3 minutes ends too y'all click the greenish button, y'all may larn inwards a novel verbal captcha too banking concern check out a novel website equally long equally BitCoin4YOU allows you. If at that topographic point are no to a greater extent than websites for y'all to banking concern check out, it volition state y'all to furnish the next the day.
  • You may non remove your earnings until y'all accomplish at to the lowest degree 5,000µ฿ (ouch!). This way you'll get got to see betwixt 50 too 100 websites to larn whatever bitcoins at all on your digital wallet. And to exceed it off, they'll accept 500µ฿ from your concern human relationship each fourth dimension they post y'all you coins, fifty-fifty if y'all get got over 10,000µ฿ (starting amongst this total transaction fees create non apply).

Enter your Bitcoin address...

... Solve the captcha too click on the greenish push amongst an arrow...

... Wait for the countdown to destination too click on the greenish push again!

Best Strategy:

  • Create a novel Bitcoin address entirely to have bitcoins from BitCoin4YOU. This way y'all tin assure yourself that they are genuinely paying you... When they do.
  • Bookmark the site too get got your Bitcoin address laid to re-create too paste.
  • When y'all larn up, see the site, too if at that topographic point are websites for y'all to browse (which way y'all didn't larn to the abide by scream for y'all to furnish later), glue your Bitcoin address, solve the captcha too outset browsing the websites it shows you. Since there's no possibility to know when it volition get got to a greater extent than sites for y'all to banking concern check out, create this a distich of times per day. I personally create it when I larn upwards too right earlier going to sleep.
  • Remember y'all must press on the greenish push amongst the arrow to add together bitcoins to your account; if y'all expression for the countdown to destination but don't create this you'll have nothing.
  • Reload the captcha if it has hard to read letters, such equally working capital alphabetic lineament "i" or non-capital "L".
  • You don't genuinely get got to browse the websites. You could get got them on i tab of your browser piece y'all expression for the countdown to destination doing other things on other tabs. However, to a greater extent than or less sites comprise skillful information, too hence don't flame them automatically.
  • Check your residual in i trial a calendar week or too hence (click on the Balance link).

This was my residual to a greater extent than or less fourth dimension ago... 0,00185฿ to go...

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: 3/5. Between 200µ฿ too 400µ฿ per day. Not a lot, especially when y'all get got to expression too hence long to have the bitcoins on your wallet.
  • Convenience: 3/5. The site plant correctly. Solving captchas is boring. Some of the websites they force on your browser get got skillful offers. You entirely expression 3 minutes per website instead of v (which is the BitVisitor standard).
  • Payment speed: 0/5. You'll get got to see this website every twenty-four hours during at to the lowest degree 3 weeks to accomplish the minimum total needed to redeem your bitcoins.
  • Risk: 0/5. None. You larn gratuitous bitcoins for visiting websites.
  • Final Score: 4/10. BitCoin4YOU gives y'all to a greater extent than or less gratuitous bitcoins for visiting a distich of websites, simply similar BitVisitor, but the entirely payoff it has over the latter is that y'all entirely get got to expression 3 minutes instead of v for each website it shows y'all earlier y'all tin see the next. The feeling of non receiving the bitcoins y'all earn on your wallet right away volition brand y'all experience y'all are wasting your fourth dimension here.

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