BITCOIN BUSSINESS Site Review: CoinVisitor (2 updates)

Update 1, 10/03/2013: CoinVisitor has been downward for 24 hours. I sent them a tweet to inquire the reason.

Update 2, 11/03/2013: CoinVisitor plant again...

Let's convey a await today at i to a greater extent than site that gives yous costless bitcoins for visiting websites. CoinVisitor follows a system a fleck dissimilar from other similar places similar BitVisitor, Earn Free Bitcoins or BitCoin4YOU:

How It Works:

  • CoinVisitor gives yous costless bitcoins afterward yous input your Bitcoin address, visit a website during a surely sum of fourth dimension too solve an ikon captcha.
  • You'll earn from 5µ฿ to 4500µ฿ every fourth dimension yous do this; most of the times it's 15µ฿ or 30µ฿. However, afterward several websites you'll let on it'll tell at the transcend of the page "Current see value: FREE". When that happens, you'll larn nil if yous proceed visiting sites too solving captchas.

I exclusively see webs when the see value is dissimilar to FREE...

This is around a loss of fourth dimension (keep reading)...

  • There's a countdown at the upper left corner indicating the fourth dimension yous must endure at each website; it could endure 10 seconds, xv seconds, thirty seconds too I in i trial was 300 seconds. When it reaches zero, an ikon captcha volition load; inward lodge to solve it, you'll convey to pick out the ikon that doesn't belong to the set. Let's come across roughly examples:

When this countdown ends, you'll solve an master copy captcha!

The incorrect i hither is the mushroom, because it tin give the sack never convey leaves

The incorrect i hither is the giraffe (or is it a llama?), because its background is white

The incorrect i hither is the elephant, because it's far bigger than the others

The incorrect i hither is the arrow, because it has no legs

The incorrect ones hither are the boats, because yous can't role them for eating

  • If yous neglect the ikon captcha, you'll convey to move inward a verbal captcha:

I though I had all the previous captchas right...

Grrrrr! Boring...

  • When the electrical flow see value is FREE yous mightiness larn a prize afterward visiting many websites. You tin give the sack redeem it yesteryear solving i to a greater extent than ikon captcha:


It's funny that they split Bitcoins upwards to hundredths of satoshi...


  • Your payments are delayed, only yous may asking a payout at whatsoever moment.

Best Strategy:

  • Create a novel Bitcoin address exclusively to have bitcoins from CoinVisitor. This agency yous tin give the sack assure yourself that they are truly paying you.
  • Bookmark the site. You exclusively convey to innovate your Bitcoin address once. The site volition shout out back it for your hereafter visits.
  • When yous larn up, see the site, scout the wesites it pushes to your browser too solve the captchas. Since there's no possibility to know whether at that spot are novel websites for yous to cheque out, do this several times during the day. I personally do it when I larn up, afterward luncheon too correct earlier going to sleep. When the see value turns to FREE, larn out the site. Don't endeavor to become for prizes.
  • You don't truly convey to browse the websites. You could convey them on i tab of your browser spell yous hold back for the countdown to halt doing other things on other tabs. However, roughly sites incorporate practiced information, too hence don't dismiss them automatically.
  • Request a payment whenever yous like.

You've got to solve i to a greater extent than captcha to asking your payment

I prefer non to asking it until I've reached thousands of microbitcoins

Site Review:

  • Expected profit: 3/5. Around 200µ฿ per day. Not much, only since yous don't convey to hold back several minutes on each site...
  • Convenience: 4/5. The ikon captchas are sort of fun to solve (at to the lowest degree when yous showtime see the site) too the hold back times are low.
  • Payment speed: 3/5. You'll have your payment several hours afterward yous lodge a payout.
  • Risk: 0/5. None at all; this is a website that gives out costless bitcoins.
  • Final Score: 7/10. CoinVisitor uses ikon captchas too makes yous hold back really picayune on each page. Its rewards for doing too hence are too lower than on other sites, only it's too hence fast to larn them that doing too hence is worth your time.

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