BITCOIN BUSSINESS Websites That Do Not Give Free Bitcoins (III)

Yes, afterward issues one as well as two, it's fourth dimension for about other circular of websites that create non give costless bitcoins. Maybe they in ane lawsuit gave simply straightaway don't. Or possibly they were a scam from the beginning. Either way, hither are my final findings. If y'all run into these sites linked, don't lose your time: ignore them!

Don't allow these sites fool you!


As y'all may already know if you've been next this weblog for about time, GOXKEYGEN gave y'all codes that y'all could redeem at Mt.Gox for a handful of microbitcoins. Now it redirects y'all to a dissimilar spider web through a referral link. An master copy thought died.

Let's deed on...

12. CoinTube:

There are about sites that play a key piece of job inwards increasing the number of Bitcoin users. CoinTube was ane of them. There y'all could larn your maiden off costless bitcoins for watching videos. We volition all call upwardly the maiden off fourth dimension that, afterward dull hours waiting for our freshly-installed Bitcoin customer to synchronize alongside the network, nosotros watched a video at this house as well as all of a abrupt about microbitcoins made their way to our digital wallet. It felt almost similar magic! This won't hand anymore, since CoinTube has decided to halt paying their users. They nonetheless brand money through Virool if y'all see them as well as sentry the videos they present you, simply they won't pay y'all dorsum inwards Bitcoins business office of their earnings. It's a pity.

Farewell! I'll immature lady the Weird CoinTube Woman...

13. Oscry:

This house used to give about costless bitcoins every day, as well as hence it was similar a bitcoin faucet y'all could utilization each 24 hours. Now it doesn't exist. Somebody took the domain as well as at the 2nd it solely shows ads. I managed to uncovering a really low-quality picture of what it looked similar inwards the past:

Hm... All I tin run into is that it advertised BitVisitor!

14. TenDrawBTC:

Here y'all had about virtual scratchcards which gave y'all costless bitcoins after, well, scratching them... Now they tell they'll hold upwardly dorsum soon. One calendar month agone TenDrawBTC said the same. I wonder what "soon" way to all these people who guide keep downwards their site to redesign it!

I'll also provide to your site to review it... Soon! Really, actually soon!

15. BitStart:

This is a spider web where y'all tin advertise yourself as well as earn bitcoins past times playing about sort of game, simply nosotros don't attention close that. We attention close the faucet at the bottom of the page. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 faucet that doesn't work. At all. And it looks similar a clone of the NetLookup faucet... Designed to flim-flam us into spreading the discussion close BitStart. Meh!

You may input anything, because it doesn't fifty-fifty cheque whether
it is a existent bitcoin address what y'all write...

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