BITCOIN BUSSINESS Websites That Do Not Give Free Bitcoins (II) (3 updates)

Almost a calendar week agone I wrote virtually about websites that used to plough over yous gratuitous bitcoins as well as don't truly plough over yous anything but ads for your viewing pleasure. Today I'm continuing that shipping service amongst about to a greater extent than sites I've works life which follow a similar philosophy. The listing of terror gets extended today as well as therefore every bit yous tin ignore these sites every bit presently every bit yous spot a link to them on i of the several websites that don't update their data often:

Forget virtually these... Websites?

6. Paper Coin:

The spider web Paper Coin "lets yous embed Bitcoins or the States Dollars into a unique on-time-use disposable QR code that is easily read yesteryear whatever smartphone or webcam-enabled computer". But nosotros don't aid virtually that on this post. We aid virtually its faucet, which claims to plough over yous 700µ฿ for threescore seconds of your time. Three things become incorrect here: 1) It doesn't plough over yous a unmarried satoshi; 2) They should seat a notice proverb the faucet doesn't operate anymore or take it altogether; 3) Nobody takes i total infinitesimal to solve a captcha.

Oh! It's a faucet! Let's solve the captcha for a prissy reward...

... Damn, yous could possess got told me before!

7. Bitcoin Get:

This hideous CoinTube clone called Bitcoin Get (although admitedly amongst a meliorate design) tricks yous into thinking they'll shipping bitcoins to your bitcoin address if yous lookout about of the videos they possess got inward shop for you. But they don't. After yous lookout i of their videos as well as solve a captcha, they e'er shipping yous a notice that says yous possess got to fully lookout the videos inward guild to hold out rewarded... And also that inward illustration yous watched the videos until the end, in that location must hold out a employment amongst your browser because they couldn't runway your activeness correctly. They advise changing to a different i or turning private browsing on. Hm. Let's see:

It doesn't operate amongst Chrome inward normal browsing mode!

It doesn't operate amongst Chrome inward person browsing mode!

It doesn't operate amongst Firefox inward normal browsing mode!

It doesn't operate amongst Firefox inward person browsing mode!

Hmmm... Although it's been years since I terminal opened Internet Explorer, let's plough over them the produce goodness of the doubt:

It doesn't operate amongst Internet Explorer either! Rubbish!

The easiest agency to instruct scammed on the Internet!

Update 1, 19/02/2013: my previous post that the issues amongst Bitcoin Get had been resolved, but it nonetheless doesn't operate for me. Maybe yous should see them as well as run across if they pay yous out...

Update 2, 20/02/2013: It's given me 200µ฿ for the foremost time. If it works good for a calendar week I'll take it from this list.

Update 3, 28/02/2013: It exclusively works sometimes (like 20% of the times I lookout a video). I'm non wasting my fourth dimension amongst this.

8. Faucet Closed:

This was the foremost bitcoin faucet. Now it's Faucet Closed. It is dry out as well as doesn't plough over whatever to a greater extent than bitcoins. It doesn't endeavour to brand yous mean value otherwise, though. Still, the notice they possess got written  ("The Faucet is beingness fixed; delight come upwardly dorsum inward an hr or three") is also optimistic, since it's been unfixed for a lot of weeks already. It volition hold out forever remembered every bit the website that helped Bitcoin gain novel users during its beginnings inward the most efficient agency possible: yesteryear giving gratuitous money away.

Rest In Peace :_-(

9. CoinSlot:

This site used to plough over yous a random amount of bitcoins every twenty-four hr catamenia yous visited it. Now CoinSlot doesn't be anymore. Avoid next the links yous uncovering pointing to this dead place; it's only a loss of time. The next icon isn't fifty-fifty mine, since they allow their domain hold out taken away as well as forthwith it exclusively shows ads:

The thought didn't appear bad... It may possess got been a victim of its ain success

10. Bitcoins So:

So this is about other site that seems to plough over yous bitcoins for free. Bitcoins So fifty-fifty shows on its homepage a certainly amount of coins ready to percentage amongst yous so every bit yous mean value it's a legit site. So afterward introducing your bitcoin address as well as solving a mathematical captcha, it tells yous it has no funds... Why is it so hard to code a niggling script that gives yous this information before yous re-create the mathematical performance as well as glue it on Google Search to instruct the result? So every bit yous don't lose your time, yous know.

So... What?

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