BITCOIN BUSSINESS Websites That Do Not Give Free Bitcoins (3 updates)

When y'all expect for places unopen to the spider web to larn your offset complimentary bitcoins, y'all merely cannot avoid to destination upwardly inwards websites which aren't working anymore. They mightiness create got given inwards the by complimentary bitcoins to their visitors together with that's what made them larn linked on other webs together with blogs dedicated to the bitcoin world. But straight off it's truly frustrating going into 1 of these websites together with leaving alongside empty pockets, sometimes afterwards filling several captchas together with exploring the site inwards search of the complimentary bitcoins. It's equally good quite amusing to encounter that fifty-fifty though they don't exercise their undertaking anymore, virtually of these webs are nonetheless covered alongside ads. So they larn visited, without having content or giving y'all anything, together with larn advertising money. That's outrageous, together with then I'm putting hither a partial listing of these infernal HTML spawns, together with then equally y'all tin dismiss them inmediately equally presently equally y'all encounter them linked:

These websites suck!

1. NetLookup:

NetLookup used to locomote some sort of faucet that gave y'all complimentary bitcoins in 1 lawsuit per twenty-four hr menstruum alongside fifty-fifty a referral organisation laid up. Now it doesn't work. They've lately added a uncovering proverb there's something incorrect alongside their payment organisation together with that they'll pay retrospectively to everybody that added a Bitcoin address. Let's encounter if this is true. They would create got to shipping me payments for the final three weeks if they kept their word.

"Got it!"? Really? You got nothing!

Update 2, 16/02/2013: Hey, NetLookup, did y'all compass me vi satoshis to encounter if I take y'all from my listing of craptastic websites? Well, that's non gonna work! Try harder!

WTF is this shit?

Update 3, 19/02/2013: Now it's giving me unopen to 1µ฿ per day. When it gives me to a greater extent than than 10µ฿ during vii consecutive days, I'll take it from this listing together with review it. Meanwhile, if at that spot is no quaternary update nether this one, y'all tin reckon it continues giving less than 10µ฿ every day, together with y'all may see the site to larn a few satoshis if y'all experience they deserve your time.

2. Bitcoin Addict:

Bitcoin Addict was some other faucet. With jackpots together with tons of ads. This 1 truly tries to brand y'all believe that "You create got collected for the day!" when y'all locomote inwards your bitcoin address on their broken system. Well, I've never received a satoshi on the private bitcoin address I created to have coins from them, together with then I don't know. Maybe they hateful that nosotros create got collected our daily portion of ads for the day?

Get lost!

Update 1, 14/02/2013: Their trouble organisation human relationship was suspended ii days afterwards this post.

The Internet is a chip cleaner today

3. BitCrate:

This was something quite original: at that spot used to locomote some crates on this website; y'all could select 1 together with maintain the bitcoins that contained. However, BitCrate doesn't fifty-fifty present y'all the crates anymore today. Their creators should pack the spider web code on a crate together with throw it to a river... At to the lowest degree they admit they create got run out of bitcoins to compass out. And that they'll locomote dorsum shortly. Suuuuuree...

Don't brand me lose my time...

4. BTC Free:

This is some other daily faucet. I mean, this was. Now it's naught to a greater extent than than an empty corpse alongside some ads where y'all tin play make-believe: innovate your bitcoin address, solve a captcha together with experience happy that "Your Bitcoin address was sent succesfully". At to the lowest degree BTC Free has some spider web blueprint seat into it. If I had to review it I'd compass it a 0,5/10. And since I'm a difficult judge, you've got to create got that for what it's worth.

Instead of "Multiple submissions inside a 24 hr menstruum volition locomote ignored" it should tell "Submission ignored. Have a squeamish day. Oh, together with don't forget to click the ads!"

5. FeedZeBirds:

What happens when y'all educate a webpage that gives people complimentary bitcoins for retweeting stuff? FeedZeBirds happens. I wonder how this worked inwards the past, since y'all tin brand equally many Twitter accounts equally y'all wish... Anyways, straight off it does naught at all. You tin exclusively encounter a uncovering proverb somebodything screw up went wrong. Meh.

Nothing to encounter here...

See to a greater extent than of these websites here.

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