ACURA Sport Car | Hyundai expedition celebrates Shackleton centenary

A near-standard 2.2-litre diesel fuel Hyundai Santa iron has piece of job the starting fourth dimension rider vehicle to live on driven across the continent of Antarctica from Union Camp to McMurdo as well as dorsum again.
The SUV was driven yesteryear Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of legendary polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.
The journeying was timed to commemorate the centenary of Shackleton’s heroic Trans-Antarctic expedition as well as has been made into a curt cinema yesteryear Hyundai.
The expedition saw Patrick as well as a small-scale squad accept on most 5,800km of icy terrain inwards bitter atmospheric condition – finishing the journeying Shackleton never completed.
They non solely had to comprehend extreme distances at temperatures downward to minus 28-degrees Celsius, precisely likewise had to plot novel paths on floating H2O ice caps that cause got never been travelled yesteryear wheeled vehicle before.
Bergel, a technology entrepreneur, admitted: “I’m non a polar explorer; I’m an indoor guy. So it was a big cultural shift – as well as it was quite something to cause got been the starting fourth dimension to create this.”
The squad travelled from Union Glacier to the South Pole as well as then followed the Leverett Glacier as well as the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, yesteryear smoking Mount Erebus volcano, to the Ross Ice Shelf as well as McMurdo.
“Some sections were unbelievably beautiful as well as solely a few dozen people genuinely larn to come across the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. That was the betoken at which nobody inwards a wheeled vehicle had been beyond,” Bergel added.
“My great-grandfather was the starting fourth dimension to climb Erebus as well as I’d seen pictures of it equally a child. It is quite spectacular, amongst plumes of smoke coming out, as well as it was pretty exceptional to live on driving as well as come across it come upwardly out of the cloud.”

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