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If yous desire to experience the exhilaration of driving amongst the air current inward your hair, yet you’re non prepared to purchase a hardcore convertible, together with thus the novel Mazda MX-5 RF could endure for you.
The RF, which stands for Retractable Fastback, broadens the appeal of the world’s best-selling roadster past times offering an electrically-operated targa-style top.
Dispensing amongst the stuff roof of the convertible together with aimed at offering a petty extra refinement – peculiarly at expressway speeds – Mazda has equally good arguably managed to brand the coupe-like RF fifty-fifty to a greater extent than attractive than the soft-top MX-5.
I state “arguably” because non everyone is thus certain almost the RF’s looks. For me, the fastback facial expression plant thus much ameliorate than the previous generation’s hardtop together with adds a novel degree of sophistication to the MX-5.

The hardtop used to crease apartment into the infinite betwixt the kick together with the dorsum seat. With the RF, the nurture business office of the roof is to a greater extent than of a fixture, sloping downwards towards the kick amongst distinctive buttresses. However, when yous desire to opened upwardly up the cabin it raises upwardly to swallow the front end parts of the roof mechanism.
The impressively slick origami-style machinery is operated at the touching on of a push (at speeds of upwardly to 6mph) together with the functioning is all over inside xv seconds – the same for the functioning inward reverse.
And here’s the thing. Unlike many convertibles where luggage infinite is comprised, the kick inward the RF has an almost identical luggage capacity, simply shy of 130 litres. Ok, we’re yet talking 2 pieces of mitt luggage together with a few little soft bags, but it’s actually non bad for such a compact car.
Elsewhere, the differences are minor. It’s solely 5mm taller than the convertible together with cheers to a clever purpose of lightweight roof materials, it weighs simply 45kg more.

I tested the RF amongst both available SKYACTIV-G petrol engines – the 131PS 1.5-litre together with 160PS 2.0-litre, both paired upwardly amongst Mazda’s slick together with sporty six-speed manual gearbox (though the bigger engine volition equally good endure available amongst an automatic gearbox).
Naturally, the 2.0-litre simply edges out the 1.5-litre when it comes to performance together with it sounds to a greater extent than aggressive, reaching 62mph from standstill inward 7.4 seconds, compared to 8.6, together with a move past times speed of 134mph, equally opposed to 126mph.
But frankly at that spot isn’t much betwixt the 2 together with the smaller unit of measurement is to a greater extent than than adequate for all but the keenest drivers. I’d equally good plump for the 1.5-litre because it tin provide upwardly to 46.3pmg – nearly 6mpg to a greater extent than on newspaper than the larger engine, but I suspect the gap is bigger inward real-world driving if my examination drives were anything to larn by.

The RF is quieter than the convertible together with definitely has to a greater extent than of a coupe experience amongst the move past times up, though amongst the roof opened upwardly at higher speeds there’s yet a fair amount of air current noise. That said, buffeting is minimal.
Behind the wheel, the RF is simply similar the regular MX-5 – a rare auto that right away feels right. The winning formula hasn’t been changed – it yet has a front end engine, rear-wheel drive layout, it’s nimble, handles beautifully together with is competitively priced.
The cosy cabin is modern together with packed amongst everything you’d expect, including a 7-inch color display amongst (thankfully) a rotary command on the centre console, an splendid audio organization amongst DAB together with total connectivity, cruise command together with LED daytime running lights.
However, simply similar the convertible, rearward visibility amongst the roof upwardly tin yet endure challenging.
Priced from £22,295, it’s a few yard to a greater extent than than the entry-level convertible, but overall it’s a star auto that’s rewarding to drive together with surprisingly practical.

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